Rumors Has It…

New York’s aristocratic elite gather at the residence of deputy sheriff Charlie Bronk in order to celebrate his tenth year anniversary with his lovely wife, Myra. A lovely meal is sitting in the kitchen and guests have brought beautiful gifts for the celebrating couple. What could possibly go awry? Everything. First and foremost, Myra and the domestic servants are nowhere to be found. Charlie is in the above bedroom with a bullet through his earlobe, which is bleeding profusely. Chris and Ken Gorman have unpretentiously entered into the questionable scene and attempt to cover up the whole situation in order to protect Charlie’s career. Meanwhile, party guests are arriving downstairs and are suspicious of the whole situation. As the night continues, rumors swirl among the guests and tensions run high. In an effort to maintain their pure reputations, ridiculous and hilarious attempts are made to conceal the accident from the public eye.

Rumors, a play created by Neil Simon, was both entertaining and exceptionally well performed. The consisted of Jocelyn Mankowski and Jacob Pandolfi as Chris and Ken Gorman, the couple who first discovered a wounded Charlie Bronk. Claire and Lenny Ganz, portrayed by Erika Frase and Michael Sheridan, were the next to enter the scene after their new BMW had been totaled by an oncoming vehicle. Gary Reed and Leyla Mamedova assumed the roles of Ernie and Cookie Cusack, an uninformed and slightly dimwitted couple. Glenn Cooper (Oleg Faynshteyn) and Cassie Cooper (Sarah Fiordaliso) were the last dysfunctional couple to arrive at the party. Officers Welch and Pudney, wary inspectors at the scene of the accident, were comically portrayed by Alexxis Butera and Jordan Steward. Mrs. Lona LaChuisa, the director of the production, chose talented young men and women that perfectly suited their roles.

All in all, Rumors was a deliciously gossipy production that kept the audience laughing and guessing throughout the entirety of the show. Congratulations cast and crew for a job well done.

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