Unrecognized Heroes!

Read this 2009 article on our athletic trainers by Panther Paws News, predecessor to the Eye.

The athletic department here at Sweet Home has always been great. However, some people are not really recognized the way they deserve to be. Two of those people are Marcy Gerlach and Mike Maisano. Mike and Marcy are our athletic trainers. Marcy has been an athletic trainer for 23 years and Mike for 7. Both love what they do! The Panther Paws News had decided to highlight these two fabulous people by interviewing them.

Kelsey: “What made you want to become an athletic trainer?”

Marcy: “To be honest, I did not even know what an athletic trainer was until my second year of college. I was in [the] exercise science program at UB and we were required to complete an internship. I chose athletic training at Sweet Home because it was close it UB and home. Obviously, I loved the experience.”

Mike: “When I was in high school I had a couple of significant injuries and had to rehab with my athletic trainer and thought what he did was really interesting. I liked the idea of helping athletes to keep playing or get them back to playing sooner.”

Kaylah: “What sports did you play in high school?”

Marcy: “I played basketball and softball.”

Mike: “I wrestled and played lacrosse.”

Kaylah:What is your favorite sport to watch here at Sweet Home?

Marcy: “That’s a tough one to answer but if I had to pick one it would be soccer.”

Mike: “Boys lacrosse”

Kelsey: “How many injuries do you see on average per week?”

Marcy: “We evaluate probably 60-70 injuries a week but usually 10-15 are significant enough to require medical attention or cause them to miss practices or games”

Mike: “50-75 injuries a week I guess”

Kaylah: “Have you ever inspired someone to become an athletic trainer?

Marcy: “Yes! I am very proud to say that several Sweet Home students have gone to school for athletic training and are currently working in the field.”

Mike: “I don’t know.”

Kelsey: “What’s the best part of being an athletic trainer?

Marcy: “The best part is seeing an athlete return to play after a significant injury and knowing that I was part of their recovery from the initial diagnosis right up until their first day back on the field or court. It is very gratifying to see all of their hard work pay off.”

Mike: “After doing a long rehab with an athlete to see them able to come back and succeed at their sport(s).”

As you can see both Mike and Marcy love to work with the students to help them get back to where they need to be physically and get back to playing as soon as possible. Both are excellent at what they do. Keep an eye out for Mike and Marcy and be sure to say hello.

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