Getting to Know Mr. Lawler

Mr. Lawler might be Sweet Home’s newest teacher, but he’s not new to teaching. He taught for two years at Williamsville South and for one year at Williamsville North. While at Williamsville he has taught, Global 9, Global 10, Participation in Government, Economics, US History, and Psychology. He graduated from Williamsville South and the University of Buffalo. Here he teaches US History, Participation in Government, and Law and Society to 11th and 12th graders.

One of the main reasons he chose Sweet Home instead of another school was Mr. Martin’s push to change the school culture for the better, and how he wanted to help with that. One of his favorite things about Sweet Home is the resources we have like the iPads and MacBooks, which are better than what he has had at some other schools. Even though he is still learning, he tries to incorporate as much of the technology into his classes as he can.

When he was in high school, his favorite class was Social Studies. While he was in high school, he was in a club called EMPAC (Economic, Military and Political Analysis Club) which was mostly just watching a bunch of war movies. He played soccer and tennis, and his JV Soccer coach (who was also a Social Studies teacher), was a big influence on him and one of the reasons he teaches Social Studies today. He’s thinking about starting a fantasy football club here at Sweet Home.

He said the other Social Studies teachers have been helpful in the transition over here and that the kids have been good and helped make the transitions no to tough. One of his favorite moments here so far has been the Community Day right before the Homecoming Game.

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