Multicultural Night

Humans are but one race: human.

This message is shared through the gift of Multicultural Night: Sweet Home’s popular variety show celebrating multicultural traditions, which will be held Thursday night at the Middle School.

Multicultural Night began when Spanish Teacher Ms. Mansell was in graduate school to become a principal, and she needed to fulfill some requirements. The requirements were to connect with the community and run community building activities. This led her to decide to run Multicultural Night.

“In the beginning, I worked with some teachers who taught public speaking at the time and they worked with their classes to do Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech so, it was a Multicultural Night/Black History Month celebration,” said Mansell.

Even though the speech won’t be recited there this time, Multicultural Night still celebrates diversity in many ways. Mansell said: “Fashion shows from different places, showing who they are as individuals, and yet coming together to be one. Because we all go to Sweet Home, we have that as a similarity for some of it, but we’re all human beings more than anything else.'”

‘”At the end of last year we used the song ‘Rise Up’. And that was pretty cool because what we ended up happening was we had just one act come out and hold hands. Then after that the next act came out and held hands with them, and then the next group came out, and it became this amazing mixture of people standing there on the stage, all singing together…”

So why the Middle School? The reason for MCN’s location is the clutter in the High School Auditorium, due to props, tools, and lights from the musical. The middle school was never really offered participation until a middle schooler showed up ready to dance. “She was a young lady dressed in her full costume, and we weren’t gonna say no,” said Mansell. “Mostly it is Sweet Home High School, and then other high schools and other clubs are invited.”

Multicultural night is Thursday, February 8th at the Sweet Home Middle School auditorium. Tickets are $5.00 and all proceeds go to the Sweet Home Drill Team. Multicultural night is it’s only fundraiser.

Written by Joey Bastian and Chukwudi Ilozue. Edited by Mr. Doherty

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