The Election is Coming Up. Here’s What Sophomores Need to Know

As you all may know, this year Sweet Home High School has started a new form of student council, better known as student government. It will consist of 6 Freshman senators, 6 Sophomore senators, 5 Junior senators, 5 Senior senators, as well as 1 Junior or Senior Vice President and 1 Senior President. In this article you’ll get a run down of every Sophomore senate candidates’ reason as to why they’re running and what they’ll do if elected.

Sienna Cefalu

Sienna is running for a seat in the Senate because she believes she “can be a good voice for every student.” If Sienna gets elected, she pledges that everyone will get a fair voice in the changes being made and she will listen to everyone’s opinion.

Delaney Graham

Delaney is running for Sophomore Senate. “I love Sweet Home and I want to be a part of a group to try and make it better.”, says she. If Delaney is elected, she plans to open the courtyards around the school during free periods as well as create an online forum to let students voice their concerns and suggest changes.

Danuta Kurtyko

Danuta is running because she wants “to bring positive change into this school.” If Danuta is elected, she would like to let the student body decide where the money spent for dances and events go as well as build more community activities.

Zachary Simmons

Zachary is campaigning for 10th grade senate because he cares about the future of our school and wants to be a pioneer of this student government for the future. If Zachary is elected, he will push for anti-bullying legislation, as well as cooperate with other senators to pass quality legislation to benefit the whole student body.

Brenna O’Brocta

Brenna is running for a “Sophomore Senate seat because she wants school to be a place everyone wants to be and wants to help make positive changes.” If Brenna is elected, she has plans to establish more school wide events, open the courtyards for lunch, as well as improve the breakfast and lunch options.

Emme Kasprzyk

Emme is running for a “Sophomore Senate seat because she wants to bring new and creative ideas to our student body that are relevant to the class, and vote on their behalf.” If Emme is elected, she will be available at all times on social media and through email to listen to any problems or concerns that students may have. She pledges to represent the majority of the Sophomore class and make sure their voices are heard, all while remaining unbiased.

Eve Giancarlo

Eve is running for Sophomore Senate because she thinks Sweet Home is a terrific high school and would like to take part in more volunteering and decision making for the school. If Eve is elected, she will be open to all students and serve as a connection for any members of the class of 2021 that need to voice concerns to the administrators in the building.

Other Candidates

Other candidates running for a Sophomore Senate seat include Ryan Vanderscahaff. These candidates declined to comment for the writing of this article.

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