The Election is Coming Up. Here’s What Freshmen Need to Know

As you all may know, this year Sweet Home High School has started a new form of student council, better known as student government. It will consist of 6 Freshman senators, 6 Sophomore senators, 6 Junior senators, 6 Senior senators, as well as 1 Junior or Senior Vice President and 1 Senior President. In this article you’ll get a run down of every Freshman candidates’ reason as to why they’re running and what they’ll do if elected

Taylor Napora

Taylor is running for a chair in the Freshman Senate because he tried to make some change happen previously and it hadn’t worked out. If Taylor gets elected he promises to send out a survey to all Freshmen and have them voice any problems or concerns that they may have about the High School. He will also work with the other senators to help find a consensus solution to said problems.

Adah Peterson

Adah is running for Freshman Senate because she knows what it’s like to not have a say in our school because of her grade level and wants to make change. If Adah is elected, she will strive to listen to everyone’s opinions on school issues and help solve them.

Camila Kelly

Camila is running for a Freshman Senate seat because she wants to help the school run smoothly and make all the students feel welcomed and accepted. If Camila is elected, she plans to make the school more comfortable for all students, and also open new activities for students.

Lindsey Aarum

Lindsey is running for a Freshman Senate seat because she wants to make a difference in this school in as many ways as possible. If Lindsey gets elected, she vows to listen to the voice of all Freshman students as well as seek to improve the school to make it the best possible for not just 9th graders, but all students.

Other Candidates

Other candidates running for a Freshman Senate seat include Roman Haen, Stephanie Brown and Paul Fields. These candidates declined to comment for the writing of this article.

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