Vice Presidential Candidates for 2018-2019

The newly re-introduced student government has everybody sharing school-political views and comments, staff included. The system itself was announced last year in the spring by Mrs. Bruce and other staff and came to action this week on Tuesday, September 25th and Wednesday, September 26th.

Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home during the aforementioned dates from this week, periods 1-4.

There are 4 candidates for VP in the 2018-2019 school year. All brought up good points and a popular issue to fix was the dress code (yes, including hats, hoods, and do-rags.).

Rebecca Thompson

The first candidate to speak to the 11th graders of Sweet Home High School was actually a 12th grader, Rebecca Thompson. Rebecca talked to us about her concerns, which consisted of two main ideas: Student transport to away games, and replacement of the Coffee Spot by attendance with a vending machine stocked with K-Cups, and Keurigs to use around the building. Rebecca is the only Senior running for VP, which came as a shock to a good few in the audience today during the Junior assembly from periods 1 to 2.

Chase Miceli

The next candidate, Chase Miceli, addressed a variety of issues that the student body cheered for. Miceli began with promising to us as voters that he would act diligently and be honest with us while in office. He believed that we as students had gone too long with no voice and needed to be heard. The first issue he would like to address would be scheduling conflicts that haven’t been resolved, or can’t be. As a follow up, Chase mentioned fixing the dress code, more so for females, as females have a very strict code to follow, going from strap width to skirt length, while all that males have to do is pull up their pants and take off non-religious headgear. One of Miceli’s key points were that if class periods were 40 minutes long, homework for classes should be under 40 minutes as well. Miceli also touched upon opening the central courtyard between the 100, 200, and 300s hallways, pool noodles being removed for safety, and returning the app store in his speech.

Brianna Patton

The third candidate was Brianna Patton. Brianna touched upon an issue that had yet to come up, and that was the options we as students are presented with for after high school are slim, and that she would like to widen those options, as the college rep assignment some students received doesn’t apply to students who want to go to the military or another type of post-high-school activity. Patton also made a point that vending machines are seldom full, and need to be restocked. Brianna also talked about how the constrictive dress code on the female’s side of things teaches males that they cant control their urges and that females need to cover up a lot of their body because of this. Brianna’s campaign was the only one to touch upon college options and the removal of incessant English class interruptions from class counselors.

Sean Hedrick

The final candidate was Sean Hedrick. Sean’s campaign for VP has reached a number of Sweet Home students, under the tagline, “vote for the goat”. In this case, goat is an acronym for the phrase, “greatest of all time”. A section of the auditorium chanted Hedrick’s slogan before he even began. Sean began his speech by telling us two stories of his childhood and growth in the Sweet Home community. He later summed the two stories to amount up to his central message: Sean Hedrick is a fighter, and will fight for the people. He then clarified that during the most recent presidential election, he supported Hillary Clinton because of a similar quality. Hedrick touched base on promising to bring back hats and finished.

Elections are Friday, September 28th during your History/Social Studies classes! Hopefully this article has helped you recap today’s events in the auditorium from Periods 1 to 2, concerning the Vice Presidential Candidates of the 2018-2019 school year

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  1. Regarding the dress code, don’t you think it’s stricter for girls because guys already follow the dress code? Girls have more options for dressing up, thus comes with more restrictions. Guys don’t have the option to show skin, and if they do it surely would violate the dress code. While it can be argued that is is stricter for females, it’s not true to think that it’s unfair. Any thoughts?

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