Sweet Home High School Trivia: October 12th-19th

Once the trivia is closed, three people will be randomly selected from the highest scoring point range for a shout out of their social media’s on both our Twitter and Instagram pages.

Winners will be announced on our Instagram page via live stream at 3:15 on Tuesday, October 23rd.

Leader board will be updated daily at 3pm.

1st Place: 10/10 points

Matthew Liska, Samantha Liska, Micheal Kelley, Willa Jacob, Katie Karczynski,  Anna Stang, Alexander Biondo, Taylor Russell, Timothy Thomas, Zora Flash, Kylie Tolsma, Kaleb Luton

2nd Place: 9/10 points

Rebecca Thompson, Julia Guppenberger, Sara Price, Chudy Ilozue, Brianna Patton, Joseph Wawrzyniak, Adam Smith, Dania Mehani, Larissa Battaglia, Spencer Toth, Chet Palmer, Leolya Kazhdan, Jodie McGee, Teal Winkle

3rd Place: 8/10 points

Cora Kubiak, Todd Nelson, Sean Hedrick, Alyssa Woodford, Makayla Magyar, Amaya Ortiz

4th Place: 7/10 points

Jacob Korte, Jack Nelder, Tyler Love

5th Place: 6/10 points

Kai Powell, Emily Steinberg, Gary Lin, Brianne McGrath, Julian Rodriguez, Tiana Yencer, Mariah Barrett

6th Place: 5/10 points

Jaelynn Carrick

7th Place: 4/10 points

Nia Jones

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