Movie Review: “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”

The movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, is a drama/comedy that stars Gilbert Grape and his dysfunctional family.

Arnie has autism and his disability creates a lot of trouble and running around for Gilbert, his older brother. He constantly needs to be looked after. Bonnie, their mother, is both depressed and also morbidly obese. Ever since her husband committed suicide seven years back, she’s never left the house. Gilbert remembers the time when she was fun and beautiful, as opposed to the state she’s in now. They also have two sisters, Amy and Ellen.

Gilbert is a delivery boy at a small shop which is slowly going out of business. He also acts like the second mom of the family, taking care of all the family members, especially Arnie. His life is split in many ways, between caring for his family members and taking care of business in his own life.

Gilbert faces many challenges throughout the movie. It seems like he doesn’t ever get a break from his family’s chaos and it makes you wonder how he’s still sane.

I think this movie really shows us the importance of family and sticking together. Throughout the movie, you’ll see Arnie and Gilbert as a duo. Gilbert is always looking out for his brother and no matter how much work it may be to put up with him, he doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

There’s also a girl named Betty who Gilbert meets in the movie. I think she is a very important character because, when everything started to spiral out of control, she was there for Gilbert. She was somehow able to make his chaotic life seem small. By that, I mean, when Gilbert seemed to be stuck inside a loop of always suffocated by family problems, Betty was able to make him see the world beyond that.

I highly recommend seeing this movie because it is a great movie about family, love, courage, and acceptance.

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