Art in Our School

Here at Sweet Home High School, we have an absolutely incredible art department. Most people that have seen the paintings all over the halls in the art wing can see the great detail put into them. As people go through our high school, there are many electives offered in art such as Studio in Art, Photography, Drawing and Painting, Graphic Design, 3-D Mixed Media, and much more. Here we have a fraction of the projects student have been working very hard on. Thanks to all our art teachers, it’s possible for students to be creative and expressive and step out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Here is some of the amazing art in our school! Here in Sweet Home we have a lot of incredible artists that don’t get as recognized as much as they should! These artists put a lot of hard work and time into these which is why they’re so breathtaking. In this section of the Panther Eye we will begin to recognize and show just how awesome the artwork is in our school! This work might also inspire you to try art sometime in your future, even if you’re just sketching in a notebook! Not only is art beautiful, it can also help you with anxiety and stress! In our school we have a very spectacular art program that I would recommend trying while you’re here!


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