There is one person that appears with the snow.
That comes and goes with the winters of old,
and they’re the snowman.

Packed with snow from child’s hands.
Stick arms which stick out the ball of their body.
Coal or rocks for their face, expressing what they can’t with the snow.

A carrot nose, either small or big.
A hat and scarf to top him off, a snowman stands in the winter.
Now these snowmen come in all different shapes and sizes.

From big to small, short to tall, like people they stand

And sometimes they’re not made of snow-sometimes they’re made of mud from last night’s rain or cotton balls from your school project or even sand from the beach you’re at.
Sometimes snowmen have one eye, or one arm, but the presence of the snowman is still there

And despite these sometimes missing parts, children love them all the same.

So next time you’re out on your way,
Driving to school or just passing by,
Watch out for the snowmen, catching your eye.

Picture from Pexels, used under license

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