Student Email Returning

“We get to see what our school looks like without student to student email and … we would never recommend it permanently.” Principal Martin

There has been significant discussion among the student body about student to student emails. First and foremost, The Panther Eye can confirm that the administration’s intention to restore student to student email based on our interview with Mr. Martin and Mr. Zwack. However, the more interesting part is why. As Mr. Martin said, “it’s almost like an accidental pilot,we’re getting to see what the environment looks like without student to student email.”

However, there would be benefits in shutting the system off. “We know that there’s massive amounts of stuff that gets sent around,” Mr. Martin said. He continued, “there are different times where teachers do see kids sending work and we have found assignments that have been shared between students.” However, “that’s not something we [the administration] have flagged as a major issue.” He believes that students should get academic integrity by holding themselves responsible to the characters they should be building here, not simply because of the fear of getting caught.

A major reason to not turn off student to student email is the fact that students would just “load their iPads up with their personal email.” That would end up making it harder for students and teachers to communicate as they wouldn’t have the school wide directory which helps students find the emails of teachers, students, and district employees.

Mr. Martin says the tech department should be able to repair the glitches that caused this issue within the coming days and should be able to set up “rules” within the system to prevent it from happening again.

When it comes to media use in general, Mr. Zwack reminds students “as soon as they press send, it’s there forever, there’s no taking it back. So, don’t ever press send when you’re mad.” Mr. Zwack has observed that “every conflict, whether it’s a fight or not a fight … even if it’s at a minor level…, at some point in time somebody has posted something … done something on social media to make it worse.”

Edited to add context on timing and reasoning

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