Opinion: Cell Phones Aren’t as Bad as You May Think

Mobile devices affect everyone in the modern world. What are their costs and benefits?

Cover photo courtesy of Todd Nelson Photography

Everyone these days owns a mobile device or at least knows someone who has one. These devices have become part of how we interact, communicate, and express ourselves. There are few people, though, that find that cell phones are the “worst things ever” and are “taking over” but surprisingly enough to them, cell phones aren’t that bad.

For one, cell phones are the easiest tool of communication. Whether it’s texting, calling, snapping, or emailing someone. Everyone is just a tap away at any time, making it simple to contact anyone. Also, as stated in the article “8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones“, “these days, where almost everyone owns at least a basic mobile device and a huge number of people carry their phones most of the time, we are able to get in touch with others nearly 24/7.” This allows for people to easily assure someone they are safe in a serious incident or just hang with friends out of the blue.

Cell phones are also great for entertainment. They come with millions of apps ready to download, with the Google Play Store containing 2.1 million apps as of September of 2018 and the Apple App Store close behind with 2 million apps. These apps can be great as time killers or as things to do on long car rides. Cell phones also have constant access to the internet (if you choose to pay for it), allowing you to answer questions using Google or stream that song you love listening too.

Cell phones can also make navigation, music listening, and photography very simple. In the past, it was really difficult to comfortably fit a camera, MP3 player, GPS and a phone all in your pocket at the same time. However, this is no longer a problem thanks to today’s smartphones, which fit right into the palm of your hand!

Many people may also think that cell phones are a distraction to our everyday lives, and though I do have to agree, cell phones have definitely helped make simple tasks easier, such as managing your family’s calendar, or even reminding yourself of what homework you need to get done. Studies have shown that cell phones do have some negative effects on our health, but these effects aren’t as threatening as we think.

Overall, cell phones are one of the best updates of the 21st century, with helpful features such as easier communication, better access to the internet, entertainment, along with photographic and navigating abilities.

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