Boys Bowling

Captains: Nick Penksa, Connor Merrifield, Record: 5-7

This year’s Boys Bowling team was “perfect” as captain Nick Penksa would put it. “As it was my last season along with 5 other seniors we all just wanted to have a good season and have a lot of fun along the way. We did just that and more.” The team was able to qualify for sectionals, placing 4th overall in their division finishing the season with a 5-7 record beating Will South, Will East, and Amherst. Captain Connor Merrifield stated about the most and least successful games of the seasons “[Our most successful game was against] Will East. We were down 2 games and 200 hundred pins only to come back for what was our biggest comeback of the year to win the match and get us in a position to make sectionals. [Our least successful game was against] Amherst. We all shot below our averages and played down to them which led to us not get a guaranteed a spot in sectionals.” Overall the team had a successful season and is already looking towards next season, where the boys are focusing on practicing harder, and picking up those crucial spares.

Girls Bowling

Captain: Jenelle Grimm, Record: 8-4

This year’s Girls Bowling team finished their season 8-4, marking the 17th year in a row that the team has finished the season with a winning record. Captain Jenelle Grimm said this season “the team has come together quite well this year, compared to past years. It’s been a lot less separated between groups of friends.” The team finished 3rd in the ECIC Large North Division with wins against Will South, Will East, Will North, Amherst, and Starpoint and a 154.075 combined average game score. Jenelle said that the team played the strongest against Will South (2-10) and Will East (0-12), but the team had it’s difficulties against Amherst (9-3) and Clarence (11-1). Overall the team had another great year, continuing the winning streak and celebrating the small victories along the way.

Girls JV Basketball

Captains: Julia Vicario, Alexis Wilke, Adrionna Harris, Record: 9-1

This year’s Girls JV Basketball team improved greatly from last year’s 3-16 record, finishing the 2018-19 season 9-10. Captain Alexis Wilke said that this season was a successful one because “we had a lot more wins than the team last year and that’s a great improvement. We also showed a lot of growth.” The team, “came together not only as a team, but as a family,” stated Captain Julia Vicario. “We worked together, and didn’t give up when we were losing.” Coach Carlson was extremely proud of this year’s team and glad at how much the team has grown over the season. This season was truly a successful one, with much perseverance and adversity shown.

Adrionna could not be reached for comment.

Girls Varsity Basketball

Captains: Briana Millender, Gina Fumerelle, Jenna Petrus, Madison Gerber, Record: 9-11

This year’s Girls Varsity Basketball team was an interesting one, according to captain Gina Fumerelle. “The team was successful with finding the right shot and over time we became more confident when shooting.” This season, the team had grown together quite well as a team and played extremely well against Hamburg and Starpoint. Captain Briana Millender said the team “worked better together which helped contribute to more wins this season.” Briana also wished to remind the next generation of the team to never give up and always remain a family, even through tough times.

Jenna and Madison could not be reached for comment.

Boys JV Basketball

Captains: Dominic Lewis, Silas Fairclough, Antowan Holmes, Diar Flemming, Thomas Edwards, Record: 17-3

This year’s Boys JV Basketball team was a successful one, going 17-3 overall, and placing first in the 2nd division of ECIC. Captain Dominic Lewis said that through the season “we successfully handled adversity, and we just kept everything rolling with how we played as one team. We were happy for our teammates and we acted as if we were a family which was our goal for the whole season, we all had each other’s back.” The team had one major comeback during the season against Hamburg in which Sweet Home had lost their first of two games. As Captain Silas Fairclough put it “[the] second time we had played Hamburg (was our strongest game) because that was the game where the whole team was involved.” “We were coming off the loss from Hamburg the first time, so when we played them we were all in it. It was amazing how we got our revenge.” Overall, the team “was a brotherhood to all of us and more than just a team” and were very successful thought the season.

Thomas and Diar could not be reached for comment.

Boys Varsity Basketball

Captains: Jamel Lucas, KiAiir Brunner, Evan John, Record: Unknown

Jamel, KiAiir and Evan could not be reached for comment.

Boys Varsity Hockey

Captains: Colin Regian, Liam Kennedy, Record: 9-12-1

Even though this year’s Boys Varsity Team couldn’t defend their state championship title, they team had a very successful season. Captain Colin Regian said that the team “came together as family. Despite the odds being against us, we still managed to hold our own.” The team had its ups and downs, making it all the way to the quarterfinals with wins against Will East and West Seneca East. Colin said that “anything could have happened this season and we had the opportunity to set our own outcome.” Overall the team performed well, even with the pressure to win the state title for a second year.

Liam could not be reached for comment.

Girls Varsity Hockey

Captains: Sara Barrett, Hannah Barrett, Record: Unknown

Sara and Hannah could not be reached for comment.

Boys Varsity Swimming

Captains: Aaron Goscinski, Jack Gembala, Record: 6-2-2

This year’s Boys Varsity Swim team was memorable, as Captain Aaron Goscinski put it. “Being a captain was an honor for me and I won’t forget the memories and moments I’ve had with my teammates.” The team continuously put in time, effort, and work throughout the season, no matter who they were competing against or what they were competing for. According to Aaron, “we performed the best at ECICS, everybody had personal bests and it was an all around great meet.” Though the team faced some tough times and teams, they still managed to make it through to ECICs.

Jack could not be reached for comment.

Indoor Track & Field

Captains: Solomon Shabazz, Jadyn Wagner, Kaleb Luton, Eve Giancarlo, Jared Kapuszcak, Kyle Durwald, Jordyn Waller, Ray Sambrotto, Danuta Kurtyko, Record: Unknown

This year’s track team was surprising, according to Captain Ray Sambrotto. “Many athletes were able to qualify for the sectional meet, something that didn’t seem likely at the beginning of the season. Facing a lot of adversity, the kids pushed forward and were able to produce some impressive marks and times.”

The team had to adjust this year after the sudden resignation of former coach Brian Lombardo in early July but “the team really came together as a whole and have included everyone with open arms. The atmosphere has changed a lot but in a great way that everyone could appreciate,” as Captain Jadyn Wagner put it. Though there were many great runners who made it to sectionals and states, three jumpers from this year’s team made it to nationals. Our congratulations goes out to Kaleb Luton, Lanee Hall and Amari Hall all for making it!

Eve, Jared, Kyle, and Jordyn could not be reached for comment.

Varsity Wrestling

Captains: Will Eaton, Axel Andrews, Record: Unknown

This year’s Boys Varsity Wrestling “can’t be described with only one word but a few I can think of are family, hard-working, determined, and winners because win or lose we always kept our heads up and encouraged the other teammates,” said captain Will Eaton. The team this year was younger than previous years with many inexperienced wrestlers that need to practice quite a bit during the off-season. Captain Axel Andrews said the team “made coaches and myself proud by sticking it out the entire season.” Our congratulations goes out to both Axel and Sammy Esaleh for placing 5th and 6th respectively at sectionals.

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