The first meeting of the student government happened recently and many things are coming and improving to the school. The student government is looking for cabinet members to be a part of the government and thinks that students, as a whole, should be more involved with the government. 

One of the main issues that students and Senators bringing up is the school WiFi. Now, not only are students having issues with the network but teachers also. This causes major problems with school iPads connecting to Schoology. Mr. Day attended the first meeting and explained that our WiFi comes from Erie 1 BOCES which means it is hard for the district to control. But, the government is working toward something more simple that actually works. 

The App Store has also been discussed but there are some issues with bringing it back. One factor is the WiFi. When someone downloads an app, it uses the WiFi. When hundreds of students are doing it, it can cause large issues. Also, if students are downloading and playing games during class, that is a disadvantage for both the student and the teacher.

Another thing discussed was the winter dance. Last year, the winter dance was a well received and, before last year, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. So, the government was thinking about making it happen again on an earlier date this year.

Additionally, a lot of students feel that we are kept in school all day. Some students believe that there should be some sort of open campus. For exampled, during a study hall they should be able to go outside and possibly have more freedom instead of sitting in the senior lounge or cafeteria when they have nothing to do.

Lastly, this also links with the idea of the courtyards being open for use. There was some discussion about them being open when spring begins. 

The picture used in this article was from the previous school year.

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