Jordan Theodore

Nominated by Mrs. Fiebelkorn

Jordan is a leader in students for change and loves basketball and football, on which he is a captain. Science teacher Mrs. ‘Fiebes’ is his favorite teacher but he believes that English class is different than most other classes and the skills he learns there will help him overall. Mrs. Fiebelkorn notes Jordan is a leader in Students for Change and a role model to other students and an all-around glowing example of what it means to be a Panther.

Riley Kiszka

Nominated by Mrs. Martin

Riley says math is her favorite subject as there’s “only one right answer and it’s challenging.” Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Martin and she wants to become either a plumber or a teacher. Mrs. Martin says she “helps drive class discussion, works well with her peers and achieves mastery on every task she attempts in mathematics. She is an incredible role model for her peers and truly exhibits the core values of Sweet Home!”


Watch the wheel spins by Jordan and Riley.

Correction: This article originally referred to Mrs. Fiebelkorn as a math teacher. She is a science teacher and taught Jordan Living Environment

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