Emily Fadale as Cora, Haley Burk as Miss Flannery, Alexia Ferreri as Ethel Peas, Alexandra Bastian as Millie Dillmount, and Juliana Bastian as Alice. Picture taken by Mary Rao.

Saturday Night: Thoroughly Modern Millie

“I can honestly say that my expectations were fulfilled.” Read Jordan’s article about Saturday’s performance.

Going in to see Thoroughly Modern Millie, I expected a time of laughter and to feel as if I’m truly in 1922. I can honestly say that my expectations were fulfilled.

The music played by the pit was very good and helped shift you into 1922. You could clearly hear the words being sung and everyone on the cast did a great job vocally. The choreography done by Bobby Cooke was great and the tap-dancing was on point and at the perfect times. The cast’s costumes were all wonderfully paired and showed off 1922, from the great hats to the flapper dresses.

We can’t forget about the stage crew and set constructors who made all the wonderful background pieces that truly converted the stage into 1922. From the wall telephones to the old elevators, it was truly transformative.

At the Saturday performance, the seats were filled with people waiting to hear what happened next. The performance pulled the audience in and provided laughs and smiles throughout the show. It was a great musical choice for a high school performance. I can’t wait to see what the high school performs next year!

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