Coronavirus has effected my life in many ways. It has many side effects but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any advantages. I am at home all the time and do my homework in the evening time. I go outside for a with my siblings walk about 40 to 60 minutes every day. I made it my routine.

The things for which I feel bad are that we can’t go to school because I think we can learn better in school than at home.

I was trying to get a job but not now I don’t want to work a job because of COVID-19. So, in my free time, I try to learn about stitching and trying to get a driving license. COVID has changed my life totally.

It looks weird sometimes. But, I am learning many new things at home and that is what I like about coronavirus.

Edited for grammar and clarity by The Panther Eye. Submitted as part of the Dear Corona contest.

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