Elections Are Coming Up. Here’s What Freshmen Need to Know

Read about the candidates for the Freshmen Senate.

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Although the election may look different, as students will vote electronically and candidates will provide their campaign videos virtually, it isn’t slowing down anyone.

There are 11 candidates running to fill six seats on the freshmen senate.

Erica Chan

A former Middle School Student Council and Student Lighthouse Team member, Erica is running for a senate seat to “create change and work with others to achieve goals, big or small.” Previously, Erica had set up and run many fundraisers and assemblies through the MS Student Council and this year Erica hopes to find ways to hold alternative, safe events for the student body. She plans to get input from students using the Student Government Instagram page, as well as use Schoology and other school approved platforms to conduct polls to obtain ideas and opinions regarding future events.

Hawon Kook

Described as a hard worker and caring person, Hawon is running for a senate seat in hopes of “creating a cleaner and safer environment for everyone, finding alternate events to fill up the event that are/will be canceled, [creating a] better remote program for students in our school, [and creating] more opportunities for students such as by adding clubs or ways that interacts more with our community.” Hawon hopes to propose ideas in hopes that students can still have experiences this year and “keep our Sweet Home spirit going!”

Maddie VanDusen

Maddie is a writer for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

A former Middle School Student Council member and a current student-athlete, Maddie hopes to bring an unique perspective to Student Government. She plans to get involved and “get my voice and other student voices heard if I bring problems to the table,” while achieving ways to make all students comfortable. Maddie understands that everyone is facing different challenges this year, and is open to helping all students in any way she can if elected.

Hunter Tryloff

Hunter is a writer for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

Described as an advocate for equality, Hunter believes that everyone should have a voice in what occurs in the High School and should be represented in ways that express their best interests. If elected, Hunter plans to “introduce ideas that would directly benefit the students” as well as work with the Administration to guarantee that sports that have been pushed to March will play this year. Hunter hopes to create more opportunities for people to join student government and allow students to share their opinions.

Praise Agboola

Praise is a writer for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

Praise is a student-athlete looking to help other students express their voices through Student Government. She hopes to have “[a] change of office hour days for blue house students” if elected. Praise is campaigning on Instagram.

Other Candidates

Nooralhuda Abdulameera, Jayden Sosa, Johnson Kassey, Chigozie Ilozue, Quinn Burgess and Isabella Heine are also running, but did not comment before the publishing of this article.

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