Elections Are Coming Up. Here’s What Juniors and Seniors Need to Know

Read about the Junior & Senior Candidates up for election.

Editor’s Note: Due to the low number of junior candidates and a low number of responses from the senior candidates, the junior and senior candidates have been consolidated into one article.

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Although the election may look different, as students will vote electronically and candidates will provide their campaign videos virtually, it isn’t slowing down anyone.

There are five candidates running to fill five seats on the junior senate, and seven candidates running to fill five seats on the senior senate.

Junior Candidates

Brian Lackie

A motivated and considerate student, Brain would like to make this year “as realistically enjoyable as possible.” If elected he hopes to find a solution to the many technical problems that students and teachers face.

Megan Gerber

Megan is a student athlete who also volunteers around her community and participates in sports outside of school. She is running for senate to “make Sweet Home a better atmosphere.” If elected she hopes to make our school a more positive place, and to bring events to Sweet Home so students have something to look forward to.

Jon Goscinski

A member of the Sweet Home Swim Team, Jon is very passionate about world issues and politics. He is running because he believes that “the student government needed a fresh perspective,” he also thinks that Student Government should run smoothly. If elected he plans on implementing a new judicial branch to hold students and administrators accountable.

Other Junior Candidates:

Bryant Maynes and Ryan Fleck are also running, but did not comment before publishing of this article.

Senior Candidates

Amaya Ortiz

Amaya is a hard working student and very artistic. She enjoys poetry, painting, and writing among other things. She is running because she has always wanted to do something like this and wants to provide “a voice for everyone who is quietly suffering this year because of the pandemic.” If elected she hopes to let people know that someone understands what they’re going through and will make a change.

Other Candidates:

Dominic Lewis, Brenna O’Brocta, Caroline Theile, Megan Zvorsky, Samson Kassey and Sienna Cefalu are also running, but did not comment before the publishing of the article.

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