Elections are Coming Up. Here’s What Sophomores Need to Know

Read about the Sophomore Candidates up for election this year.

The sophomores this year are ambitious and ready to make a difference this year in the senate for the student government. There are 11 sophomores running for 6 senate seats. Here are a few people to consider when voting for a representative this year!

Daniel Fried

Like many other candidates, Daniel wants to become more involved within the high school this year. If elected, he hopes to lead the school towards positive changes that would benefit everyone!

Alison Gauld

Alison has a history of participating in school clubs and activities. She really enjoys advocating for others. Last year, Alison was in our senate as a freshman in the food and nutrition group. She enjoyed that position and is prepared to advocate yet again this year! Because the finality of last year was cut short, she feels like it is important to be vocal for students this year. When asked what she hopes to achieve this year, Gauld states, “If my peers elect me I hope to achieve what the student body wants to be done. We will take action to fix realistic student needs.” 

Rosalie Kowalewski

Rosalie is another student who has experience in student government. Rosalie however, is a fully remote student this year who is very involved in school. She often helps her peers and is outgoing and determined. In her words, “she is trying to make this new experience fun”. Rosalie loves leading other students and contributing to conversations that benefit the students. She believes because this time is so difficult, she could relieve their stress and lift a weight off of their shoulders. This year, Rosalie hopes to make events pre-COVID recur but in a safe way. Her main focus however is to advocate for sophomores in particular. She knows firsthand how hard it has been for them, so she hopes to achieve a way to help them.

Tadiwanashe Tigere.

Tadiwanashe was born and raised in Zimbabwe. He came to America when he was 11. He is the founder and CEO of the Vaniller I.T. Services. To most people, he is considered approachable, interesting and nice. Tadiwanashe plans on bringing new ideas to our school this year. As a person heavily involved with technology, he feels like he can really help out in that aspect and make our experience better!

Other Candidates

Lauren Hubert, Olivia Weissenburg, Lexi Herrmann, Makayla Wilson, Sanarya Makki, Herman Wooten III and Camryn Coughlin are also running but did not comment before the publishing of this article.

Voting for your class representatives is super important! Especially this year with all of the challenges due to COVID-19. Please take these facts into consideration when you vote Tuesday, October 27th through Thursday, October 29th!

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