Three Must Watch Halloween Movies

Looking for some noteworthy Halloween movies? Isabella has you covered! Read all about the three most noteworthy Halloween movies to watch this year.

Halloween is a very festive time of the year. This year things are going to be very different due to COVID-19. Most people are probably going to be staying in and if you are a person who loves Halloween but is staying in, you will probably be watching Halloween movies. There are a variety of many amazing Halloween movies ranging from children’s movies, comedic horror movies, and very terrifying movies that will leave you having nightmares. Here is a list of some noteworthy Halloween classics.

Halloweentown (1998)

Up first is a Disney classic that most people have heard of. This movie is rated TV-G, like any Disney movie and is about a town full of supernatural beings which is part of the immortal world.  The main characters are witches, one of whom prefers to live a normal human life.  After Halloweentown is in danger, the witches family has a duty to help fix it. 

This movie is very humorous, exciting, and magical. It is such a classic, which also plays a role in why it is a beloved movie and should be watched if you haven’t already. 

Happy Death Day (2017)

If you’re interested in comedy, but you also like scary movies, Happy Death Day is the movie for you.  It is rated PG-13 so it isn’t necessarily kid friendly. Happy Death Day is about a girl who keeps reliving her death, and in order to stop reliving it she needs to figure out who’s behind her death. Along the way she loosens up a little bit and the movie starts to become very comedic. 

The whole storyline is thrilling, scary, funny and in all it’s a very good movie to watch around Halloween time. Although it is not necessarily a Halloween movie, it came out in the season of Halloween and it is considered a good movie to watch this season. 

The Conjuring (2013)

If you’re looking for a super scary movie the Conjuring may be for you. Most horror movies are made for adults or people mature enough to handle it as most movies, like this one, are rated R and it will leave you having nightmares. The Conjuring is a super popular horror movie and it leaves you on your toes the whole time scared for the next jump scare or mystery.  

This movie isn’t for you if you get very frightened easily. It is not very gory and there is only one death which might make the movie easier to watch for certain people.  The story is wrapped around paranormal investigators searching a new haunted home where they have to fight many demonic obstacles along with the family. They encounter many spirits and it’s based on true events, so it might not be good for some people. 

If any of these movies sound appealing to you, Halloween is a great time to watch them.  Considering it is such a festive and fun time of the year, you can watch some of these movies to get in the spirit. Remember things are very different this year, so stay safe, wear a mask, and social distance.

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