The results are in Sweet Home!! Here are your 2020 Student Government winners.

Executive Branch

Delaney Graham has been voted in as our 2020 Student Body President, and joining her will be Roman Haen who has been voted in as our next Vice President.

Legislative Branch

The seniors have elected Dom Lewis, Samson Kassey, Brenna O’Brocta, Caroline Thiele, and Megan Zvorsky to represent them in the senate.

The juniors have elected Ryan Fleck, Megan Gerber, Jonathan Gosinski, Brian Lackie, and Bryant Maynes to represent them in the senate.

The sophomores have elected Dan Fried, Allison Gauld, Lexi Herrmann, Lauren Hubert, Tadiwanashe Tigere, and Olivia Weissenburg to represent them in the senate.

The freshmen have elected Praise Agboola, Erica Chan, Hawon Kook, Jayden Sosa, Hunter Tryloff, and Maddie VanDusen to represent them in the senate.

Congratulations to all of you on your election! 

Ms. Bruce has some words of wisdom she would like to share;

  • “Embrace the job and take initiative
  • Don’t be afraid to lead; take charge; be confident- trust that you were elected for a reason
  • Be an advocate and access diverse input- reach out to people you normally wouldn’t reach out to
  • Be accessible
  • Be empathetic
  • Use your resources and don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Be kind
  • Not everything you seek to change or accomplish will happen but I promise, you will learn a lot from the process”

Her message to those who lost this election; “Thank you so much for participating and actively campaigning for office. I value your service and admire your courage. You each ran competitive campaigns; I couldn’t be more proud! I sure hope your efforts do not stop here. I would love it if you would consider working with us this year!”

Ms. Bruce also shared a favorite quote of hers, by Nelson Mandela “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same…”

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