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Politics is one of the most controversial subjects between adults.  It creates tension and can cause arguments, which is why it’s not typical to discuss your political opinions with others. Politics is also a very controversial subject when it comes to determining if teens should be involved in politics. My opinion on it all, is that we should.

When adults think about teens being involved in politics, they typically think it will lead to unnecessary drama.  This is because they are under the impression that politics could cause such drama. In reality of it all, we are all probably molded in a way that makes us more involved and educated when it comes to politics.  There are so many reasons that lead me to believe this. We have the most social resources than any other generation before us has had, with websites and apps informing us more on politics and the social environment. These apps have helped me learn more about politics from both the Democrats and the Republicans. 

In school, we’ve had a certain curriculum to help us understand government. Even before adulthood, you’ve already had years of experience on how to have a civil conversation or argument.  We’ve even practiced. From my point of view those “debates” were a start on how we’d deal with politics in the future.  Throughout high school, you have many more opportunities that help you understand the meaning of politics.  So, if we are learning all of these things that could help us in the future, why can’t we use these skills to help us grow and advocate now?  

Everyone is affected by how politics run, even us teens. Even though we cannot vote now we need to be prepared for the future.  People who do not care about politics and think it is pointless to be informed or vote are most likely well privileged or truly uneducated on how politics affect us. The more people who are informed, the more people that will make opinions and change within our country.

There are so many ways to become informed in politics as a teen.  We have the resources and we have the education. With everything going on in our world it’s hard to avoid the importance of the subject so we need to stop trying to. We are the future, and we can help educate our peers and superiors.

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