It’s kind of hard to be the new kid at a school. Trust me—I know what it’s like. I went from being homeschooled, to a military based middle school, and now to Sweet Home. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get adjusted to a new school.

Join an Extracurricular

Whether a sport, or a club like The Panther Eye. I know this year there aren’t a lot of things available, but if this is important to you, then talk to a teacher or club advisor and see what there is available to do.

Find a Friend or Two

Maybe someone in a club or team that you decided to join. Or someone who’s genius and is smart like yourself. Find someone to hang out with, talk to, and relate to. 

Communicate with Teachers

A teacher or someone on the administrative staff is perfect to talk to on bad days, or when you just need some advice. This is especially important if school goes completely remote, they can be your go to person to email on a rough day.

Don’t stress

Yes—good grades are important, but if it is causing you so much stress that you can’t have fun, then let it go. Don’t worry about being a perfectionist. You don’t need a 100.17% average. I am working on learning that, myself. High school is a time for you to start learning who you are, and to experience the fun in life. 

At the same time… make sure to stay caught up with your work. Try your hardest. Be the best that you can be. Ask for help when you don’t understand.

Lastly, be yourself! Don’t try to act like someone you aren’t. You want friends who like you for you. It’s exhausting  to be anything but yourself.

Here is excellent advice from some of our very own Sweet Home staff.

“I would advise new students to start meeting new people in environments that they feel most comfortable in. Take the opportunity during PE classes when playing games or in classes where you may be in a collaborative discussion and engage in conversations. It certainly is easier said than done, but sometimes you need to put yourself out there, take a chance, and say hello.”

~Miss DeLaPlante, High school Assistant Principal 

“High school teachers will hold you accountable for your work. If you fail or decide not to do your work, you will repeat a class. So do the work! Also, you need to learn how to learn. I know that sounds silly but there is learning for the moment, a quick memorize and forget and then there is learning for understanding. Having that skill is critical for high school. And of course, my favorite, FOCUS! :)”

~Dr. English, AP, general, and regents Chemistry teacher

Trust me! You aren’t being forgotten as a new student! Even now, there are administrators trying to come up with ways for you to interact and meet other new students. The following survey is for YOU to tell THEM how we could go about this, and how it would be most comfortable for you. 

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