Struggling to Choose: Sports to Fit Your Personality

Do you want to play a sport but don’t know which one to choose? Read this article for tips to choosing a new sport.

Do you want to play a sport but you don’t know which one to choose? This article shares examples of certain sports you may enjoy based on your interests.  

Team Sports

Team sports are great for many reasons. They are a great way to build teamwork and make new friends! Some examples of team sports are hockey, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball or softball. Team sports improve communication skills, especially in fast paced environments, and they are a great way to build trust with your teammates. Team sports allow for more outgoing members to express themselves as well as allow less outgoing members to focus on improving their communication and teamwork skills.

Individual Sports

If you consider yourself independent when it comes to activities, you many want to play a more individual player sport. While playing an individual sport, you can still be on a team while not having to be coordinated with those around you. Individual sports include tennis, track & field, cross country, badminton, wrestling, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, bowling, skiing or figure skating; in which you compete individually but there are still team aspects of it.

Indoor Sports

When choosing a sport, it’s good to consider where you’re playing. Some people prefer staying indoors rather than outdoors; considering cold weather and varied weather conditions are factors in the Buffalo area. If you would prefer playing an indoor sport you should consider bowling, volleyball, boxing, basketball, hockey, wrestling, badminton, gymnastics or swim. All are popular indoor sports and allow for varying skill levels of players to get involved.

Outdoor Sports

On the other hand, some people prefer to play outdoor sports. The outdoors can provide fresh air and provide a different experience than those sports played indoors. Some outdoor sports are also easier to play, as they don’t have the restrictions of indoor facilities.  If you would prefer playing an outdoor sport, you should consider biking, cross country, skiing, soccer, field hockey, softball, baseball, lacrosse or horseback riding. 

These are all great sports to try. I hope this article was helpful when it came to choosing one!

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