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Recently, Sweet Home Middle School moved to a 4-day remote learning schedule. To gain some insight into if High School families were interested in moving to a similar schedule, The Panther Eye shared a survey with the public via our social media platforms. 

Many of the responses we got were from students, although some were from parents. The general consensus we got from the students who responded were that they would like to continue the 2-day remote learning model. Some responses cited that the 2-day model is less stressful, allows for more time to complete work, and mentioned that different groups are ahead of each other and putting them together would mess up their learning, and students’ mental health would take a serious hit.

As a student, I get physically exhausted after a day of sitting at the camera, listening to the teachers.

Alexa Fadale

Many of the concerns that students were raising with a 4-day remote learning model were in line with the concerns the Board of Education have been bringing up. Concerns include a sharp decline in student mental health, as well as the displeasure with having to stay in one spot all day.

On the other hand, the general consensus from the parents was to move to a 4-day remote learning model. The response they gave cited maximizing course content teaching, and students inability to learn “60% of course material” on their own without any structure.

It is unclear what the district will decide to do with regards to the remote learning model, as of now the district has said it is looking to return hybrid students for in-person learning starting January 4th, the first Monday after winter break.

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