Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians/Pixabay

Here it is the truth of Christmas 2020. COVID-19 has been the bane to many souls this year. Even though we anticipated the events, we certainly didn’t want the virus to affect the most important holiday of the year. So what will happen to this year’s Christmas? 

Right now, it’s looking like the most sought after holiday of the year isn’t going to be one of a leisure travel time for families. Christmas will be spread out for many families, and they’ll be able to stay connected without travel means. Besides, video calling our loved ones during Christmas dinner should only be seen on tv or in ads. Due to the deep unhidden feelings of this drastic time in history, it is possible that there is a good thing that came out of COVID this December. In fact if there is any gift us as a community can be grateful for, it is that we are alive and able to see December and hopefully Christmas. Now COVID Christmas Chaos might ensue a sense of unease, but to be truthful this whole year has created much chaos throughout the world! All we could do is stay home and pray for our families to not feel the depreciations of the virus. Some families unfortunately lost a member due to COVID-19 this year and for that we send our prayers as well as regards to those families.

This Christmas allowed everyone to be more connected by faith, so in 2021 we will be uplifted from this forsaken year. Until then, pray to not lose anyone else and to keep your family protected this year. Give love to those who have suffered greatly by COVID-19 and help those who need it. The community will do their part to make sure safe living will be brought upon all families. 

From The Panther Eye, we say Merry Christmas to all and have a great winter break.

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