For some people, Thanksgiving is long gone. For others, turkey day has just begun. It is that time of year again, Sweet Home bowling is back!

This year is obviously going to look different. Of course, social distancing and masking will be used. Sweet Home has provided their athletes with Sweet Home masks. These will be part of the uniform. Unlike the sports held outside during the fall, masks must be kept on at all times. Sadly, no spectators are allowed. Before each game, athletes will be screened. Before arriving at an away game, coaches will screen their athletes and provide written affirmation. Additionally, electronic logs are to be kept. Coaches were required to take a course on COVID-19 safety. NYS guidelines will be followed and if needed, extra supervision will be acquired to ensure these regulations are being followed. 

The number of bowlers participating in each competition has been lowered from twelve to nine. There are more than nine players on most teams, so coaches will have to decide which athletes will play in each match. There are many girls returning from last season, such as Alexa Irvine, Cora Kubiak, Kelly Parucki, Olivia Kowalik, Sophia Stang, Karina Cole, Adriana Szurlej, Bahja Rizeq, Cassidy Papero and Yara Sallaj. There is one new member, sophomore Juliet Nelder. For the first time in a while the girl’s team has no middle schoolers participating. 

Girls coach, Mr. Russo says, “We’ll set our goal on finishing with a winning record, and winning at the Section VI sectional tournament.” Coach also says, “I am trying to make this season as close to normal as possible for our student athletes, with the realization that their lives have been disrupted.  They deserve the simple enjoyment they derive from their high school sport. We are appreciative that we can resume in light that so many others are not able to.”

Like any other year, there are requirements for staying a SH athlete. Classes must be attended. Athletes must have the required amount of credits for their grade level. (Freshmen- 0 credits, Sophomores- 4.75 credits, Juniors- 10 credits, and Seniors- 16 credits) Keeping grades up is key as well. If athletes’ grades are too low, they can not participate in competitions. The fourth and final requirement is that the student handbook must be followed to the best of their ability.

Many of the COVID protocols in this article are covered in more detail here.

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