If you can’t remember the last time you saw a teenager pick up a book, you’re not alone.

In recent years, less than 20% of US teens report reading a book daily for pleasure. However there are so many benefits of reading daily!

Just because you read one bad book, doesn’t mean there aren’t so many other good ones. Maybe the last book was just simply not for you. 

Magazines, text messages, the news, and articles online all involve reading, which means that it’s essential to sharpen your reading skills now!

One way reading daily can benefit you is by increasing your ability to empathize and improving your social skills. Reading about a character’s inner thoughts can help you understand their feelings more and be able to apply it in life. Reading about things like immigration, divorce, and much more can give you an outlook on what it’s like. 

Reading also educates you on different cultures and religions. It can also educate you on major world issues like racism, war, and poverty.

Reading also keeps your brain active by preventing age-related cognitive decline.

Adding on, reading improves your memory. If you read a book, you have to remember things like characters, conflicts, setting, plot, etc. Reading has been shown to slow the rate of memory deterioration.

Another great benefit is that reading reduces stress. While reading a book, it’s easy to get lost in the character’s problems which makes you forget about your own. It is also a time waster while also being really enjoyable.

The more you read, the more vocabulary you will encounter. You can learn what a word means by using its context. Reading also improves comprehension because reading a book and knowing exactly what happens shows that you understand it. 

Reading can also help you stay focused. While reading a book, you focus all of your attention on the story, trying to absorb every detail. When interested in a book, it’s much easier to focus on it and concentrate on one scenario, rather than thinking about a million things and stressing.

Another benefit of reading is that it can improve your writing. Reading other people’s work helps to influence your own. 

Try reading thirty minutes to one hour a day. Even twenty minutes a day is beneficial. Find the book that’s perfect for you, everyone is different. 

Start reading daily today! Make time for it, it is important. 

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