Fall II and Spring Sports Seasons to Overlap, Cause Issues for Some

This year’s sports seasons have been different from any other. Specifically, the time of the seasons throughout the year. Only low-risk and moderate-risk sports were played this past fall, which left high-risk sports starting this February. Student athletes were lucky enough to play their sports, but this meant that certain sports weren’t in the same season as any normal year they would be. There turned out to be four total seasons occurring this year, those being Fall I, Winter, Fall II, and Spring (in order).

For the most part, these seasons didn’t have too many conflicts interfering with one another. Although the Winter and Fall II season had slight conflicts, they weren’t anything too major, other than a couple days of overlapping. Due to the fact that all the seasons were being fit in a shorter period of time, there is an upcoming overlap between the Fall ll and Spring seasons.  Even though there was an overlap with the earlier seasons, there is a greater overlap between the Fall II and Spring season; with the Fall ll sports being volleyball, football and cheer that go into the Spring sports of baseball, softball, lacrosse and track. This overlap is much more substantial because it can potentially be two weeks of student athletes having an interference with their two sport seasons.

Mr. Campolo, a teacher at Sweet Home High School, coaches the Varsity Football and Baseball teams.  This crossover will have a major effect on him because he is very involved in these two seasons and they will most likely be crossing over.  He has several athletes who are also involved in the crossover.  Some of the baseball players are playing volleyball and others are playing football.  Their plan is to finish the sport that they are currently in, and then begin baseball.  Sweet Home is fortunate to have very understanding coaching staff who are making it possible for these athletes to play both sports.  Campolo says, “the coaches have been working together and have been extremely thoughtful to help give these athletes an enjoyable season, and an easy transition to the next sport.” The plan is to have varsity baseball tryouts prior to football and volleyball practice. Once tryouts are done, he will head to football practice.  Campolo states, “it’s not an ideal situation, but just like the athletes I am extremely happy to see sports being played this year. I love coaching, so for me this is just another way to just find a way to make it all work.” 

Although this is a problem, it’s a good problem to have because it means the athletes get to play the sports they’ve been longing to play all year!  

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