Is it a me problem?

No, most definitely not.


It sounds more like a you problem.

Judging me and others

On our clothing or appearance.

I don’t care what you think.

Although it’s hard to follow that motto,

Especially in this day and age.

High school is meant to be a place to grow,

To be stupid,

Not caring what others think.

So if we maybe change our style a little,

Or a lot,

We shouldn’t put others down because of that.

Our school has learned to embrace

And appreciate

The different cultures and ethnicities.

So why is it,

When it comes to clothing, appearance and personality,

You have to fit in or you will be judged. 

The comments aren’t cliché,

Like “you look stupid.”

“I hate those pants.”

Or even “wow, you watch that TV show, you must be really basic.”

The reality is,

The snide comments will sit

In the back of your head all day long.

Comments like “why are u wearing a skirt? It’s just school.”

“Imagine rolling out of bed and coming to school in the same clothes, it looks like you’re just lazy.”

“I can’t believe they like that TV show, it’s so boring and stupid.” 

These comments linger with us all day,

And we wonder if they meant it as a joke.

Maybe they really did hate what you’re wearing,

Or what you watch on TV, or how you look.

Now most people don’t care what others think,

But there are many people that are struggling just to get through the day

And try to ignore what others say.

I think things need to change.

Our school should embrace the differences in people.

The different styles,

Different taste in music,

And different personalities.

Our school is diverse.

And because of that we should be embracing the differences in each other. 

Ether people need to be kinder,

Or keep their comments to themselves,

Because when you feel like you have to go to school wearing the right clothes,

Watching the right TV shows,

And doing the right trends on TikTok,

That doesn’t sound like a safe, accepting place at all.

We all know during these times,

We could all use a little more kindness from each other,

To each other.

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