Getting To Know Our Vice President, Musab Abrar

Read Olivia’s article to learn more about Sweet Home Student Government’s Vice President Musab Abrar.

As most of us know, Musab Abrar was elected as our Sweet Home High School Vice President! Musab plays an important role in the Sweet Home Community.  He tries his best to excel in school, and outside of school he participates in several activities.  In his free time, he enjoys running, playing basketball, volleyball, singing, playing video games, drawing, going out in the city to donate, hanging out with friends, motivational talks and doing stand up comedy with his lovely audience consisting of shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower. He prepares his mind and body to face the world ahead of him everyday, by working out often.  

Musab decided to join the Student government for multiple reasons.  Firstly, he has always believed that the student perspective is important and powerful in schools. Students first hand experience the pros and cons of an educational environment, and with that experience we are more than qualified to discuss possible changes. Secondly, his dream is to become a lawyer when he grows up. The Student Government environment provides him with experience in working with others and initiating reform to better the organization, as well as honing skills such as punctuality and organization.  Lastly, he is aware that many students have things they want to say but cannot for several reasons, whether it be anxiety or fear of their opinions being pushed aside.  He wants to assure that all students are heard, in both small and large discussions. 

At this time, the Student Government is working on several projects.  They are still sorting many details out with each idea; but some major things they are working on include providing halal food in lunch with more variety and on a regular basis, moving forward with mental health initiatives in terms of creating an atmosphere of motivation, communication, and comfort, and overall trying to make Sweet Home a more enjoyable and progressive community.  

He is extremely proud of Student Government this year.  In the years past, Student Government has appeared to be a “waste of time” according to students.  However, the team this year has worked hard to confirm that cannot be said about the organization this year.  From having a successful Halloween and Winter Spirit Week, a successful Halloween contest, a successful kindness campaign in which hundreds of handwritten notes were passed out with suckers attached to them, the successful introduction of halal food to the cafeteria, and successful introduction of sports apparel customization, he believes Student Government has made plenty of progress this year. There are many other projects in the works, but he feels lucky to be the Vice President of what must be the best Student Government in Sweet Home history with the most amazing, diligent and dedicated students the school has to offer. 

One of Musab’s most significant accomplishments provided by the Student Government were the halal burgers. He believes they were a huge success. Halal meat is not something many public schools across America have, so being a part of the pioneer group is something Sweet Home should be very proud of. As a district blessed with diversity, being able to include a large group of students who were previously excluded is a huge step forward.  Putting them into effect was a long process, but it paid off in the end.  In December, a group of students from Student Government attended a meeting with Mr. Ginestre (the superintendent),  Mr. Feldmann (board member), and Mrs. Sajdak (the Head of Central Kitchen), to discuss a variety of issues.  One of these issues was that Muslims were unable to eat lunch due to the unavailability of halal meat.  Upon hearing this, Mrs. Sajdak took it upon herself to contact various vendors of Sweet Home’s lunch and arranged for special orders of halal meat to be placed.  With that, the first halal burger was served in the high school cafeteria on January 11th, 2022. 

Overall, everyone should be aware that Student Government has a lot in the works. They’ve been told by many people that they wouldn’t get anything done, and time and time again they’ve proven them wrong. The Student Government looks forward to doing their very best to make sure that Sweet Home is a school to remember for students and staff alike. He hopes and thanks that everyone trusts them to provide students with the best possible high school experience. If anyone needs to contact Musab, they can reach him via email, or if preferred, reach out through social media.  You can also reach out to the President, Roman Haen, or Mrs. Bruce, the Student Government coordinator. 

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