NFL Draft 2022

2022 NFL Draft: Who and What to Know

Tonight kicks off the 2022 NFL Draft. Olivia’s write up will tell you who and what to know!

The past few seasons have been very successful for the Buffalo Bills, leading Bills fans to be very excited for the upcoming NFL Draft. The first round of the draft begins tonight, Thursday April 28th, at 8pm.  The Bills have the 25th pick in the first round.  The second and third rounds of the NFL draft begin on Friday at 7pm.  Rounds four through seven will take place on Saturday, beginning at noon. 

The team has a solid roster, but we will most likely be looking for a cornerback on defense and a wide receiver or running back on offense within the first round.  Some possible picks at cornerback include Kaiir Elam from Florida, Andrew Booth Jr from Clemson, or Kyler Gordon from Washington.  On offense, some possible picks are wide receiver Jahan Dotson from Penn State or running back Breece Hall from Iowa State. 

In the second through seventh rounds, the Bills will look to add depth to their offensive line and possibly a safety on defense.  

Sean McDermott is a great coach with many years of experience.   He has been the head coach of the Bills since 2017. 

With Josh Allen as one of the top three quarterbacks in the league, we are hoping to advance in the playoffs further than we have in years prior. Whoever they select in the Draft will be a great addition to the Bills roster, and we are looking forward to an exciting season that will lead us to Super Bowl LVII!

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