Be a part of the 2020-2021 Panther Eye team!

The Panther Eye is Sweet Home’s Student Newspaper and, along with the Sweet Home Newsroom and Sweet Home Sports Central, forms the media of Sweet Home. We produce articles, short stories, video, and now a podcast.

Our first meeting will occur after school sometime in September of 2020 in room 201. We hope to see new faces amongst our staff next year.

If interested in joining The Panther Eye for the 2020-2021 school year, put in your email below and we will send a reminder to you in September. Emails both in and out of school will work.


The Panther Eye typically meets every first Tuesday of the month after school in Room 201.

The Panther Eye generally meets once a month for roughly an hour. Outside of meetings, authors are required to create one piece of content a month. The time needed to create content varies, as authors may need to schedule/conduct interviews, research topics or record videos. Generally new authors spend 2 hours a month producing content for The Panther Eye (broken down: 1 hour for a meeting and roughly 1 hour to create content).

The Panther Eye publishes a wide variety of content. We publish news articles, poems, video interviews, sports articles, opinion pieces, trivia and podcasts. We are in great need of sports writers, as well as current event writers. 

No! The Panther Eye doesn’t have any requirements to join! We just ask that you give your best effort when creating content! 

The Panther Eye is a great way to get involved with the High School community, and writing for your High School newspaper looks great on college applications.

We are available to answer any questions you may have. You can reach out to The Panther Eye by emailing us or by connecting with us on any of our social medias. 

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