New Moon Review

Last month, the new addition to the epic Twilight series of movies created a frenzy at the box office. This spectacular movie brought in an astounding 72.7 million dollars on its opening night, breaking box office records. The Twilight Saga: New Moon was directed by newcomer Chris Weitz. He thrilled the enthusiastic fans by keeping the movie as close to the book as possible. He also made it possible to appeal to a wider audience by mixing action with romance.

In the movie, when her beloved boyfriend, Edward, leaves Forks with his family, Bella is left to cope with her broken heart. She finds consolation with her friend, Jacob Black. Unfortunately, when Bella goes to extremes to get Edward back, she must choose between the love of her life who left her, or her best friend who will never let her go.

To bring Stephenie Meyer’s renowned novel to life, the design team got creative with CGI technology (computer-generated imagery). What also drew in frantic Twilight fans was the acting of the highly regarded Rob Pattinson and teen heart throb, Taylor Lautner.

If you haven’t yet witnessed this cinematic adventure, hop in a Volvo and head over to the nearest theater.

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