Magic and Masterminds

Are you a nerd? Geek? These two clubs might interest you if you answered yes to one or both of these questions.

If you’re a die hard nerd like me, you’d absolutely love the Magic Club. They meet after school either on a Monday or Thursday depending on scheduling conflicts that Mr. Doherty, the host teacher, or his colleagues may have.

A great place to learn the game and have a lot of fun facing friends, Magic Club has a “Magic”al atmosphere that encapsules fans of card games, especially one as awesome as this.

I learned how to play the game here, and everyone who goes is really cool with newbies. In fact, the group I usually play with is all newbies, and we’re constantly challenged by outsiders normally.

Often times, I ponder the difference between the term “Nerd” and “Geek” but I certainly found a way to draw the line between the two when I sat in for a Masterminds tournament, held at our high school on October 24th.

Four teammates take on another four-man team from a different school, answering questions concerning random (and I mean completely random) trivia. It’s a lot of fun, comparable to any trivia board game, with a more co-op aspect and no cards or board or pieces.

Once a team gets a question right, they are prompted with 3 bonus questions all at 10 points a piece. All three of these questions are on one topic (I.e, government systems in Russia)

Our team has two sub members and four players, but it’s a fun environment, and they’re always looking for new teammates. It’s a good time, a heated match, and always a memorable experience.

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