Cords of my Emotions

I was the person who spent their days waiting
for love, and daydreaming endlessly about it
I thought when love will finally arrive
it will be wearing the colors of the blissful spring
I thought it’ll knock on my door ever so softly
bringing the warmth of summer and
the beauty of winter along
I pictured it as one that lives
on the pages of novels,
the one that teaches to grateful
that teaches to be worthy
of unconditional love,
to be worthy of someone like you
For in the end I only knew
one true love; which the sun
and the moon share
Where the sun dies every night
to let his beloved moon live
So this kind of love where you stay
miles and miles distant from me
I certainly wasn’t familiar with
This kind of love where I’m driven
to do whatever your heart pleases,
while ignoring my own.
All just to find my way back
into your arms to wonder,
how did we fall in the first place?
This kind of love drives me to
the verge of madness
This kind of love plays
with the cords of my emotions
yet my heart never stops
saying your name
over and over again
For darling, if I can’t
keep you by my side
then I’ll lock you
in each poem these
hands ever write down
This poem was originally delivered at Sweet Home’s Multicultural Night by Tasnia Hoque

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