This is everything I’ve ever wanted to tell you
Ever since we met four years ago

I’m so glad you gave me the chance to be with you
I don’t have to put a fake smile on
I can be the real me
I’ll love you even when the darkness deepens

You are a blessing in my life

You shine brighter than all the stars in the sky

You could say I knew you were the one
Your eyes sparkle with the stars of the universe

My love for you is as big as the universe
Your beauty beyond compares to the beauty of the universe

I’ll never meet Belle from “Beauty And The Beast”

You are the only beauty to me

You are the butterflies I feel in my belly

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.

Someone who is more beautiful than life itself
You’re the light inside of me that I was looking for
We had some hard times, but we got through them

We had some misunderstandings, but we got through them

We had some disagreements, but we got through them

And I would go through it with you till the day I die

You are my world
You are not just my past
But you are my future

Every since you came into my life
I could see colors brighter
You will always have my heart

Roses cannot compare to your beauty
We had good times.
We laughed until the sun came up
I never thought that was possible

I want to spend the rest of my life with you

You are a angel sent from heaven

Will you be my wife

Delivered at Sweet Home’s Multicultural Night by Kiera Davison

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