Leilani L-E-I-L-A-N-I
Nothing more, nothing less just straight up Leilani because that’s what’s best
The summer baby
June 13th, 2000 the day Leilani was supposed to die
Come out of her mother
And lay dead
The baby whose heart was in the wrong place
Lungs falling on top of each other
Not being able to breathe
The one born here in Buffalo New York
Because in Jamestown
She was practically dead
The baby whose name meant heavenly flower
Because everyone thought that she was god’s gift
The one who stands here right now
I am Leilani
The one who is on this world right now
I am Leilani
The one who obviously proved those doctors wrong
I am L-E-I-L-A-N-I

Delivered at Sweet Home’s Multicultural Night by Leilani Montanez

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