Post Malone’s Album is a “Rockstar”

21 Savage. Quavo. Justin Bieber. 2 Chainz. As you may know these are some of the biggest names in the music world right now. All of the listed artists have been featured in a Post song before. Post has only released one official studio album and these artists are included on that album. Post Malone is one of the fastest rising Hip Hop artists in the last few years. He was very overlooked in the start of his career until he released “Congratulations”, which was one of the songs on his Stoney album. People had a great reaction to this song and its new style of hip hop gave a new sound to the genre.

The album contains 18 tracks ranging from upbeat and motivational to melancholy. With such a variety of songs, people can listen to this album no matter the mood. With it available on CD, Vinyl, and electronic download, any type of music listener can purchase the album for a variety of prices. The CD ranges from 10 to 12 dollars which is a fairly regular price for a CD with this many tracks. The vinyl is a bit more expensive at about 40 dollars per copy, although the vinyl offers a more superior and sanguine sound. If you have the money for a vinyl, I would strongly recommend it. The music of the album is captured well through a record player, but the CD sounds beautiful as well.

The artist has released two singles since the album and its a real shame that these aren’t included. The first song “Rockstar” remained on the top charts of hip hop for many consecutive weeks. The song featured another big name in hip hop artist 21 Savage. 21 Savage has a long freestyle section that is well renowned in the community. The second song “Candy Paint” was also a big hit and was featured in the recent blockbuster Furious 7. You should know that most of the songs come with an explicit warning. If you don’t mind the language then you can understand the lessons each song is trying to teach. Each song shows an important part of Post Malone’s life that are easily relatable to any individual. This reliability makes anybody feel a heartfelt connection to many of the songs. The album Stoney even broke records. 52 weeks after the release of Stoney the album released, Stoney reached number 1 on Hip Hop’s top 100.

I would give this album a 4 out of 5 stars. The soundtracks feel extremely fleshed out and the artist took ample amounts of time perfecting the beat to match the lyrics. Each song’s theme flows perfectly with the music and lyrics. Along with that, each song seems very unique and can be played at any time. I have personally listened to the albums and the albums fit many different ranges of moods. All in all, you are making a great purchase in Post Malone’s Stoney.

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