Xbox One: The Future of Gaming

The original was released 2001, and the name Xbox is derived from the Direct X Box coming from Microsoft’s graphics API, Direct X. The Xbox One is one of the latest and greatest gaming consoles out right now. Released in 2013, The Xbox One is priced around $200-$600 depending on the package that you purchase. The Xbox One is no bigger than a DVD player and comes in many colors for you to choose from, also Microsoft has a couple of variations for the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is the newest gaming/entertainment system that Microsoft has released. I call the Xbox an entertainment system because it does way more than gaming. The Xbox One can surf the internet, watch movies, videos, etc., also apps can be attained on the Xbox. What also adds to the entertainment value is that the Xbox One is its own Blu-ray player built into it, so you can watch your movies. Another huge huge pro for the Xbox One is that it has backwards compatibility. This means that you can use games from the previous system (Xbox 360) on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One’s quality is also very good. The system and controller are sturdy and do not feel like they will break easily. I have had the Xbox One since it came out in 2013 and it still works like new like I just bought it yesterday. This shows that the Xbox One is very reliable system that is built well. The controller is also a huge part of what makes the Xbox so great. The controller fits most hands perfectly and comfortably. In my opinion the slightly larger size of the Xbox controller feels more natural than the slightly smaller PS4 controller. Some people might think otherwise, but it is subjective.

Now one of the most important things that gamers look at in systems is the graphics. The Xbox One is equipped with 4K graphics, that show a really sharp picture and very bright and vibrant colors. But in this section is where the PS4 wins over the Xbox, but only slightly.

The two main competitors in the gaming world is the Xbox One and the PS4. The Xbox is the ultimate experience though because the PS4 leans more towards gaming but the Xbox is the overall better experience because of its amazing entertainment value. With all the apps, movies, and videos also streaming games for others to watch, there is plenty to do.

The Xbox One, in my humble opinion, is the best gaming system out to date. The Xbox One has so many uses that it makes it hard to put down the controller. It has the greatest entertainment value (not just gaming) in any system out now.

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