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Ms. Bruce picked Derek Jeter’s quote, “there may be people that have more talent than you, but that’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you.” Jeter was a high school drafted shortstop for the New York Yankees and is a five-time World Series champion. He is the Yankees’ all-time career leader in hits, doubles, games played. stolen bases, times on base, plate appearances, and at bats. He is currently the CEO and part owner of the Miami Marlins.

Jeter worked hard his whole life and his parents instilled a positive attitude. When he was a child, his parents made hims sign an acceptable behavior contract and insisted that he wouldn’t use the word can’t. He even won both the Gatorade High School Player of the Year, USA High School Player of the Year, and the American Baseball Coaches Association High School Player of the Year in 1992. Even with all these accolades, he still wasn’t perfect. His first year in baseball he made over 50 errors at shortstop. The team was doubting his talent and considered moving him to the outfield. However, he just worked harder, improved his fielding, and the rest is history. As he said in an interview, “when my career is said and done, I don’t wanna look back and say, well, I wish I would’ve worked harder.”

Ms. Bruce said, “I think that quote summarizes the human experience. Most of us might not be that talented at anything or everything, but that does not every negate you’re potential to still be successful.” While she did not come across that quote until recently, and is actually a Red Sox fan, she sees it in herself and how she was raised. She is a competitive person, went to a competitive college, and played basketball. And while she may have not been the most talented, whether in school or on the court, she worked for her success every day.

She also said that while high school kids may sometimes have unrealistic expectations to be perfect, “if you give it you’re all, and are honest with yourself, and put forth the hardest effort you’re capable of, success will come.”

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