Ms. Mediak’s Quote

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the United States president during the Civil War. During this time, the future of the United States was uncertain, but he got up and fought to unify this country. He didn’t let the Confederacy on the loose or wait for someone else to something, he did it himself. Prior to the Civil War and his presidency, he pushed for economic modernization and against the Spanish-American war.

Ms. Mediak found this quote on Pintrest and she saved it a while back. Once she got the email looking for quotes, this immediately stood out to her and she didn’t even consider submitting a different quote.

Living by the words she picked, Ms. Mediak pushes her students to become creators in the world around them and not just consumers. She said, “In our society, there’s sort of this very fine line between producers and consumers, and I feel like a lot of people are just content to consume.” Being an art teacher, she enjoys giving students the skills the power to create. One example of her student’s creativity is shown in album covers incorporating pre-existing elements and creating a totally new design.

Many students enjoy her class because “they are making and they are doing something. They’re really proud of it, they’re like, I made this.”

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