The book Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel is a story about a teenage girl, Maisie, who seems to have her life perfectly put together. She is on the track team, has loyal friends, and had just been asked to prom.

Everything fit together perfectly in her life. But one morning, when she was out running, one strike of lightning sent her life spiraling out of control.

With second degree burns along her arms and electrical burns to her face, she was in an induced coma for weeks. Part of her face was destroyed and won’t ever heal, but a rare opportunity opens up for her- a face transplant. It’s a difficult decision, but in the end she makes the decision almost any person would make.

But her life after the operation is far from perfect.

In my opinion, Maisie is a great role model. She went through a tough time, came close to giving up, but still came out stronger than before. This book teaches everyone what it’s like to have your life fall apart, and the long, hard journey in putting the pieces back together.

+++ | Excellent

The best rating that can be given. Exceptionally great.
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