Crash Course co-founder, John Green’s book The Fault in Our Stars is a book as well as a movie! The book is about two teenage kids. The main character, Hazel, has thyroid cancer. She has to attend a support group for it. and there meets a guy named Augustus who has an amputated leg and is there to support his friend. She falls in love with him. Eventually they begin to hang out. They talk through the phone and one day they texted “Okay?”, “Okay.” as sort of a promise and it becomes their special thing and what the book is known for. They promise to read each other’s favorite novels. Hazel’s favorite book ends without a proper ending and readers don’t know what happens. So Augustus tracks down the author of this book who lived in Amsterdam to go talk to him. When they are going to Amsterdam, Augustus confesses that he liked Hazel all along. Once there, they realize that the author of this book is a very rude drunk. They leave barely talking to him. As they’re traveling back home from Europe, they figure out that Augustus’s cancer has come back. This is a very sad book but an interesting read. I really enjoyed this book along with many of my friends.

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Great, but not exceptional.
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