Fall Sports: Here’s What You Need to Know

Fall sports are in full swing! Get to know your teams and know what to look out for this season!

Boys Cross Country

Coach: Mrs. Basehart

Captains: Ean Pokorski, Blake Smith, Jared Kapuszcak

This season is one for improving, as Coach Basehart is looking forward to watching all of the members shave a few seconds off their times this season. The team, which is comprised mostly of returning runners, is a very dedicated group, with each member wanting to set a personal record this season. The team gets up to speed very quickly, according to Coach Basehart, and they’re preparing for the many meets and trips that have planned this season. 

Girls Cross Country

Coach: Mrs. Kasper

Captains: Jessica Carter, Caitlyn Pitruzzella, Sarah Mehani

So far this season the girls cross country team is exceeding all expectations. They have done very well in the workouts that coach Kasper has given them and the team is expected to preform well this season. Players to watch for this season include Jessica Carter, Zoe Tyson and Danuta Kurtyko, as they have been giving their all during practices and meets. Overall the team has a strong bond with one another and is looking forward to a great season.

Varsity Football

Coach: Mr. Zimmer

Captains: Darrius Carter, Brady Lock, Isaiah Killian

Varsity Football is off to a great start this season, beating Will South 40-28 in an exciting game. The team is extremely experienced, with only one underclassman on the team who is playing in the corner position. Overall the team has a strong offense with Jamel Lucas, an experienced quarterback, leading the way during games. The team expects to make it to the playoffs this season with the help of alumni (Steve Phillips and Cory Mitchum). The team is dedicating this season to the late Coach Faller.

Boys Golf

Coach: Mr. Tojek

Captains: Ryan Edholm, Shawn Gerber

This year’s boys golf team is having a tough start, but is starting to bounce back. After starting the season 0-4, the seniors are starting to step up and show the younger end of the team what Sweet Home golf is all about. Returning State Qualifier, Ryan Edholm is among the leaders of the team and is expected to make it to states again this year.

JV Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. Prisco Houndanon

Captains: Gianni Pezzino, Haidar Hamed, Matt McGowan

JV Boys soccer has started the season strong, beating three out of their four most recent opponents. The team has a strong front line, with many goals coming from Haidar who has scored nine of the teams nineteen goals this season. Other stand out players include Gianni Pezzino & Malik Watson, who lockdown the midfield and have scored a combined 6 goals. Defensively the team has many strong players, with Jacob Korte and Matt McGowan keeping the opponents out of the defensive end. Overall the team is fairly young and inexperienced, though the team keeps improving day by day. Coach Prisco says he’s just happy and fortunate to be apart of the Sweet Home community.

Varsity Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. McCaffery

Captains: Aidan Brath, Matt Gawron

Off to a strong start, the boys varsity soccer team has beaten West Seneca West and Lancaster, but has experienced a few troubles against Lancaster & Hamburg. Overall the team is a strong group, with many physical defensive and midfield players who can hold the opposing team to their own half at times. Coach McCaffery says the team has a few strengths that they can use to their advantage during games, such as a goal-hungry offense and a lockdown defense, which will be helpful during games. The team, made up of twenty-three guys, has players from the freshman class, all the way to the senior class, allowing for a strong mix of experienced athletes that will hopefully lead to a sectional championship in November. In the meantime, go out and support your boys soccer team!

Girls Varsity Soccer

Coach: Mr. Tredo

Captain: Yulisa Tosado-Munoz

This season is going to be a successful one for the Girls Varsity Soccer team. They have many returning players, allowing for the chemistry and experience of the team to be higher than previous years. Coach Tredo is “very excited for this season”, based on the work ethic he has seen from the girls so far as the team is working cohesively to help build the program. The team, has an abnormally large roster due to the lack of a JV team because few girls were interested in the sport. Because of that, Coach Tredo believes that there is plenty more capable players in the High School that could add strength and experience to the program. This season should be an exciting one, and the team would love to see some fellow students on the sidelines during games to cheer them on!

Girls Tennis

Coach: Mrs. Feyes

Captain: Caroline Thiele

This year’s Girls Tennis team is a fairly new, with a large amount of freshmen trying out the sport for the first time. The team, which is still among one of the highest achieving teams, academically wise, during the Fall Season, ended their previous season with an average GPA of 94.35 throughout the roster. The group is incredibly bright and talented with star players such as Caroline Thiele, a junior who has been perfecting the game of tennis since the age of 8 and loves to share her experience of the game with the team, and Karina Cole, a sophomore who has a powerful forehand and is advancing her game-play quickly. This season should be an exciting one with a good combination of experienced and inexperienced players which will lead to some interesting plays. 

JV Boys Volleyball

Coach: Mr. Becker

Captains: Trevor Liska, Drew Smith

Even though this year’s boys JV Volleyball is a fairly young team, they have started their path to improvement. The team only has three returning players who are expected to tremendously improve throughout the upcoming season. They also have a new setter, Jackson Stang, a freshman who is also expected to have a strong year. Overall, this team is expected to be in a rebuilding state, with detail and work ethic as the main focus point for the team.

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Coach: Mrs. Martin

Captains: Dayna Edholm, Lauren Hubert

Off to a competitive start, this year’s Girls Varsity Volleyball team is looking like their potential of a sectional championship is high. The team has many returning star players such as Lauren Hubert, a 3-year varsity player, Dayna Edholm, a 4-year varsity player, and Paige Keiffer, a second year varsity player. Lauren is a strong offensive player who plays in both the setting and attacking positions and is going into her freshman year. Dayna, who is currently entering her senior year, is one of the teams leading offensive players along with Paige who plays in a strong setter and right side hitter position to lead the 6-2 offense. Overall the team is very versatile and is focusing on working together to build the volleyball community as a whole, and hopes to see classmates at games soon.

Matt McGowan compiled this article. JV Field Hockey Coach Hoak, Varsity Field Hockey Coach Kauder-Kromer, JV Football Coach Campolo, Girls Swimming Coach McCarthy, Boys Varsity Volleyball Coach Cicero and Girls JV Volleyball Coach Miranda could not be reached for comment or declined for comment.

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