Owen Clemens-Regan

Owen Clemens-Regan, a Junior cheerleader going by Gingerbread Man, says PowderPuff is “a fun way to be yourself in front of everybody. I like how you can act stupid and get laughs out of people. I also like the silliness of it all.”

Eve Giancarlo

Junior football player, Eve Giancarlo aka Christmas Eve, has a deeper meaning for her participation. “My brother has played football for years. For years, he has found much success. I wanted to show him that he is not the only member of our household who can play football.”

Ryan Moore

Senior cheerleader, Ryan Moore aka Moore-On, said “It’s my last year of high school and I wanted to try something new. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to find a new experience. And so far it has been rewarding.” He goes on, “the team effort that goes into the PowderPuff is amazing. The girl cheerleaders teach the boys how to do all this stuff and they put up with how annoying the boys can be. But, in the end, we all came together and got the routine done.”

Kelly Parucki

Junior football player Kelly Parucki, nicknamed Red Giant, has been looking forward to PowderPuff “since freshman year” and has “been striving to do it amd also to beat the seniors.”

Jaelyn Kelly

Another Junior football player Jaelyn Kelly, aka JaeeKrazy, has a similar story as she “wanted to play football and meet new people. I also thought it was so cool since freshman year”

Julia Guppenberger

Senior football player, Julia Guppenberger aka Juulia, chose “PowderPuff because it’s my last year at Sweet Home, and I really enjoyed it last year. I loved the spirit and the energy from the crowd. It’s just a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” She also warns the Juniors, “you have no idea what’s coming.”

Brianna Tipton

“I heard it was a lot of fun from students that have done it in the past,” said Senior football player Brianna Tipton aka Tippy Tipton. “I wanted to make my last two years of high school memorable by doing anything I want to. I want to show people just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m slow or a bad athlete.”

Final Warnings

Junior cheerleader Colin Tondreau aka CTB warns seniors, “y’all bouta lose no cap.” Senior football player Simarya Jackson aka Mairmair warned Juniors, “we came to eat so be ready for a challenge”

Athlete responses have been edited for grammar and clarity. The picture is from last year’s game.

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