Boys Cross Country

Coach: Mrs. Basehart

Captains: Ean Pokorski, Blake Smith, Jared Kapuszcak

This year’s Boys Cross Country team was very successful, with a record of 2–1. Captain Ean Pokorski said that the team did very well against Pioneer, one of the best teams Sweet Home’s faced this year, and was very appreciative of all the fundraising the team did this season.

The phrase that best represented this team was “hard working,” according to Ean, “because we always pushed to do better.” The team looks to advance in ECICs and hopes more runners join the team next year.

Girls JV Field Hockey

Coach: Mrs. Hoak

Captains: Lauren VanDusen, Hanna Tryloff, Alicia Ball

This season for the Girls JV Field Hockey team was “fun” according to all three captains. Many relationships were built and the team put in effort at each and every practice, despite losing all but one game. Captain Alicia Ball says the team performed their best against Ken East, as it was the only game the team won their entire season.

Although they’d always had a good attitude and were always positive, the team could work on conditioning and stick work. Overall, the team performed well, holding its own against many tough teams like Will North to only one goal.

JV Football

Coach: Mr. Lowe

Captains: Jake Dunstan, Jordan Theodore, Khalon Betts

What’d be the word to best describe this season’s JV Football team? Family. “We spent a lot of time together and we became successful in doing so,” said captain Jake Dunstan. “We were all connected and had great team chemistry.” The team ended their season 5–2 with a successful game against Ken East in which the team held its opponents to zero first downs during the first three quarters, letting the Panthers score thirty points.

Without downplaying the great aspects of the season, in the future, the team could work on keeping focused during practices and games.

Varsity Golf

Coach: Mr. Tojek

Captains: Ryan Edholm, Shawn Gerber

This year’s Varsity Golf team was “Humorous” according to captain Shawn Gerber. “There wasn’t a day you didn’t enjoy practice or a match.” The team combined to shoot low against Will South early on and improved greatly throughout the season. The team ended the season 1–9, but the record doesn’t show the effort the team put in.

Captain Ryan Edholm tied for first in ECICs with a 71, while captain Shawn Gerber qualified and shot a 95. The team should keep up what they’re doing and continue with their success!

JV Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. Prisco Houndanon

Captains: Gianni Pezzino, Haidar Hamed, Matt McGowan

Boys JV Soccer had a great year with a final record of 14 wins and 2 losses. Gianni said, “I think what made this team successful was our chemistry; we knew each other well and worked as a unit. Next year, our team should work on decision making play by play. We were determined to win and worked hard to do so. Our best performance was against Will South where we had some great combinations.”

The JV soccer team has won the league two years in a row.

Matt McGowan is Managing Editor for The Panther Eye and compiled this article.

Varsity Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. McCaffery

Captains: Aidan Brath, Matt Gawron, Jasim Qasim

Boys Varsity had a record of 10–6. “Most games we were able to shutdown the other opponent. We could then connect passes and score goals. Our team could work on better communication at the start of the season. Courage is a word that can describe our team, we fought hard as a team every game. Our best game was against South, we lost to them 5–1 and then came back to beat them 3–2 in double OT,” said Captain Aidan Brath.

“The team played as a family,” chimed in Captain Jasim Qasim.

Girls Swimming

Coach: Mr. McCarthy

Captain: Alyssa Woodford

Throughout the season, the Girls Swim Team persevered through tough times, coming to end the season with something to show for the showed level of dedication. The team ended their season 4–4 with a win over long-time-rival Pioneer High School.

Captain Alyssa Woodford said that through having eight new girls this year, the team gained a lot of confidence and combined to win meets. The team urgently needs divers as, without them, they could lose up to 10 points to their opponents. Overall, the team performed their best with many swimmers making it to ECICs, the Section 6 Championship and the Sectional Championship.

Girls Varsity Tennis

Coach: Mrs. Feyes

Captain: Caroline Thiele

For a young group, the Girls Tennis team performed well this season. “The overall attitude of our team was extremely positive,” claims captain Caroline Thiele. “Everyone had a goal to better themselves as well as have fun.” The team went on to beat both West Seneca East to end their season with a record of 2–10.

Much growth was shown as there were many new players learning new spots in the game. The girls continued to better themselves during the season and represented Sweet Home in a positive light throughout Western New York.

Boys JV Volleyball

Coach: Mr. Becker

Captains: Trevor Liska, Drew Smith

“Our team worked hard and played defensively. Next year we could work on better communication. A word that can describe our team is fundamentals, we had a lot of new players that needed to learn the basics. Our best performance was against Will South. They challenged us to put the ball over the net on returns,” said Trevor Liska.

With this reflection, there is to be hope for improvement and commitment to synergy, stressing the fundamentals.

Boys Varsity Volleyball

Coach: Mr. Cicero

Captains: Kenny Naples, Shawn Romanowski, Matt Liska

Matthew Liska said “the team this year never quit, even though we faced tough opponents. Next season we need to work on team play, not as individuals. A word that can describe us is improvement. Our best performance was against Starpoint, we lost the first two but we came back to win the last two.”

Girls JV Volleyball

Coach: Mrs. Miranda

Captains: Mia Sanchez, Sophia Stang

This season had been “frustrating” as captain Sophia Stang put it. “The team was very good, don’t get me wrong, but it felt like our motivation to win was low due to the lack of team chemistry.” The girls went on to end their season with a winning record of 7–6, playing their best games against Starpoint and Hamburg—one of the hardest teams in the league.

The team was very successful in their ability to work together for a better cause, winning games and hopes to improve upon their record next year.

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Coach: Mrs. Martin

Captains: Dayna Edholm, Lauren Hubert

This season was “unexpected” for the Girls Varsity Volleyball team. The team managed to keep many strong opponents to close scores, and played hard to prove that they would be there to win. The team ended the season 6–6 and according to Captain Dayna Edholm, “Our best game came against Williamsville East. We haven’t beaten them in league play since 2012, and we knew we could compete and prove ourselves.”

Overall, the girls had a strong season, and with some work on communication, the team will come back better and stronger next year!

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