Elections Are Coming Up. Here’s What Freshmen need to know.

Once again, it’s that time of year. Student Government Elections are approaching fast, with seats in each grade up for election. Each candidate has gone through gathering signatures from their peers and references from adults as well as setting up political campaign posters throughout the building, and most importantly, preparing and giving a speech to the students of Sweet Home. 

There are ten freshmen running for Senate this year, out of which only 6 will be representing their grade.

Camryn Coughlin

Camryn is apart of the swim and lacrosse team, and is a dedicated person who is prepared for representing the senate spot at our school.  She is running for senate because she wants to help improve the school and make sure that students at Sweet Home have a voice that will be heard. While serving the position she hopes to create an opinion box allowing students voices and ideas to be heard. She wants to make sure that we have many school events such as the Winter Dance and more pep rallies throughout the year. Camryn did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Alison Gauld

Alison has been swimming on the varsity girls team for three years already, and swims for SHAQ. She also has plays on the lacrosse team.  She goes to summer camp in Dunkirk every year and enjoy spending time with her friends and making new ones. She’s running for the freshman senate because she wants to be involved with the school and feel more connected to the students by being a voice.  She hopes to achieve getting more people into school activities so everyone will enjoy their only 4 years of high school while it lasts! Alison did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Safi Kayitare

Safi is very hardworking and charismatic and is running for senate because he thinks there are many problems in the school that he wants to change. If elected to the senate he wants to accomplish his campaign goals. Safi did not provide any social media platforms he is campaigning on.

Rosalise Kowalewski

Rosalise is funny and kind and plays for the Sweet Home softball team. She grew up in Amherst with her mother and her idol is John Krasinki.  She also loves the show the office, and she loves Alexander Hamilton. She’s running for senator to represent the freshman and break the stigma. She wants to give everyone a voice in order to help everyone. As senator she would want to have more school activities to make school a more productive learning environment. Rosalise did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Makayla Wilson

Makayla is a writer for the Panther Eye. The Eye is not affiliated with the campaign in any way.

Makayla is a hardworking person who is excited for a new opportunity that the High School has as representing the senate.  She wants to get more involved in the school and make Sweet Home an even better place than it already is. She is running for senate in order to represent the freshman voices that aren’t heard throughout the school. Makayla is campaigning on Instagram and Snapchat.

Cody Moore

Cody loves this country and the political landscape on it, and he loves how the free elections make this country truly free.  He’s a hardworking student, a big hockey fan, and enjoys binge watching shows in his free time. As a senator he wants to make changes in this school for the better.  He wants to help in as many ways possible. He also thinks it would be fun to gain experience. He hopes to achieve better representation of student body and help convey the concerns of the students to help resolve these concerns.  He wants to make the voice of the student body stronger. Cody is campaigning on Instagram.

Natalie Zwelling

Natalie is a great teammate, and plays for the JV field hockey team, as well as an Amherst hockey team. She loves singing and is compassionate about art as well. She always aims to fix problems while making everyone as happy as possible.  She is running because she feels like she can make a difference at our school. She notices issues, and she knows people have issues, so she hopes she can make something of everyone’s problems, and make a positive difference. As senate she hopes to make a positive impact on our school and wants to give freshmen voices. Natalie did not provide any social media platforms she is campaigning on.

Kamila Vaillancourt

Kamila has always enjoyed helping people and being there for others. She wants to make changes to the school so that it could be a safer environment. She wants to make a peer mentoring group so that the student government aren’t the only people with a voice. Kamila is campaigning on Instagram and Snapchat.

Other Candidates

Aaron Shareef and Yojan Gautan are also running, but did not comment before publishing of this article.

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